My name is Sami Rasila and I’ve been living in Spain since 2001. On below I will tell about my Karelian Healing services that includes manual therapy, reflexology, tendon treatments and energy healing.

Over ten years ago I had a great opportunity to become a healer student of great Finnish healer and according his example and guidance I have prepared to embark to my vocation. Traditionally this kind of knowledge were given from father to son or to chosen person who has pointed his motivation, sensibility and interest to learn needed skills and information. My biggest master has been Alpo Savolainen who is healer from east of Finland. He did receive his knowledge same way from his master.

Other well-known healer Aulis Nousiainen from Imatra, Finland, did teach me too and his special area was reflexology specially for feets and fingers. Using his method I have found best results in shoulder, neck, arm and elbow problems.

Modern methods I have studied in Finnish Fysio institute where I have studied manual back therapeutic skills and mostly I use these treatments for back, groin, knee muscle and tendon manipulations. The widest separately subject was anatomy and physiology and I studied it over 6 years.

Before treatments I try to find out as exactly as possible all problems that the client has, all courses that creates symptoms and when it is possible, eliminate them. This is the most mystic and greatest difference with many other healing techniques and it makes Karelian Healing very effective and comprehensive method. Traditionally in manipulations only the part that hurts will be treated but normally symptoms return soon because the cause of problems was not eliminated. For example frozen shoulder may be occured a wrong position of neck joint, thumb tendon adhesion or both of them.

What is Karelian Healing?

I invented this name myself because here in Spain there was no valid name for this kind of method. Origin is in the past of Eastern of Finland. Unfortunately these methods are disappearing and only few people have really dedicated themselves to this matter anymore in Finland.

During the manipulation joint and tendon positions will be checked and if necessary, relocated. Sour muscles will be relaxed and metabolism in cells will increase. Clients who have had the treatment find often also therapeutic effects within following weeks; muscle and organ function developement, better metabolism, loosing of fat, more energy for everyday work and lower stress levels.


During my treatments I will give tips how to reduce problems with suitable diet or training movements.


During the manipulation main joints and tendons will be checked and if necessary, relocated. Hardened muscles will be relaxed and the metabolism in cells will increase. Clients who have had a treatment find often also therapeutic effects within following weeks; muscle and organ function developement, better metabolism, loosing of fat, more energy for everyday work and lower stress levels.

If nerves are blocked by misaligned joints, body functions cannot work with same efficiency it should. Here is a list symptoms that blocked nerve root on each joint may cause.


Brain is our body function and regulation centre. Most of brain and nerves functions are eletric activities but there is also hormonal function. Studying brain activity levels we can have accurate estimation of body health situation of physical, emotional and mental health states. I start measuring average brain function level. Clients whose average level stay below 10 have often serious nerve problems, e.g. Alzheimer disease and they have they have several health problems.

Small children brain levels are on lower level than adults because their nerve system works with much higher efficiency. Also too high brain levels may cause also problems. For example when sympathetic nerve centre function levels are too fast, people may suffer high fever.

Fever itself is body’s natural remedy to get up brain levels and accelerate healing process.

There are 24 different centers on my anatomy map of brain and I usually measure all of them separate. Here is a list of these points and what they present (symptosis) <location>:

Brain construction

1 Eyesight (blurness, sensitive eyes) <occipital lobe>
2 Metabolism, function of thyroids (over sweating, body temperature) <pituitary>
3A Adrenal gland, cortex (cortisone, protection against infections) <pituitary>
3B Adrenal gland, medulla (adrenaline) <pituitary>
3S Adrenal gland, (stress level) <pituitary>
4 Function of genital glands (testosterone / estrogen ) <pituitary>
5 Growth hormone (lubrication of joints) <pituitary>
6 Control of heart beating rhythm <brain stem>
7 Control of breathing rhythm (depth of breathing) <brain stem>
8 Control of body movements and balance <cerebellum>
9 Movements on stomach and its special functions
10 Control of consciousness (sleeping phases, vitality) <diencephalon>
11 Judgment ability and personality (mental health problems)<frontal lobe>
12 Control of memory <temporal lobes>
13 Speech rate <Broca area, behind of left eye>
14 Control of facial movements <cortex>
15 Control of neck movements <cortex>
16 Control of hand movements <cortex>
17 Control of body movements <cortex>
18 Control of feet movements <cortex>
19 Sympathetic nerve system controls blood pressure, blood sugar and skin temperature
20 Sympathetic nerve system controls function of anus
21 Parasympathetic nerve system controls digestion and low down blood pressure
22 Function of kidneys <pituitary>
23 Audition control <brain stem>
24 Estimation of object size, weight, form and surface (visualization skills) <parietal lobe>


Epileptic or some migraine attacks may occur when occur problems in corpus callosum.

People with high stress level (3 S almost 100) together with low judgment ability and personality (11 nearly minimum 1) have a big risk to face mental disorders.

People with low function levels of 2, 11 and 24 together with high stress level (3 S) have a risk to suffer ADHD symptoms.

Raising brain levels is a essential part of Karelian Healing treatment and it should include as a part of all physical treatments and distant healing.

How rising of brain levels feels? It depends of a person. Some people may feel some dizziness or vibration on middle point within eye brush. Some people may sense different colors eyes closed, movement of colorful clouds or even colorful fireworks. There are also people who do not feel or notice anything during brain level charging periord but it does not mean the raising up was not proceed with success.